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Casodex is a hormone therapy. It is classified as “anti-androgen.” Often used in combination with a “LHRH agonist,” another type of hormone therapy. In this article, Special Drugs 247 provides in-depth information about drugs. A standout product in the oncology portfolio trusted by our team of doctors and pharmacists. Buy Casodex Online Without Prescription

Casodex – racemic mix, a nonsteroid anti-androgen which does not influence endocrine system in any way. The mechanism of effect of active component consists in its ability to contact androgenic receptors of “wild type” and to oppress the activity, thereby, bringing a prostate tumor into a regression stage.

  High Quality Casodex Online Without Prescription Casodex is taken as a medicine for monotherapy, and as a part of complex treatment (radiation). Cheap Casodex Online Without Prescription